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Initial Questions for Contract Clarification

Here are some questions which you can, as team consultant, pose with the team leader during a contract clarification interview.

The following topics should be addressed in each case and, according to the situation, deepened:

• What is this about and who is this about?
• Who belongs to the team and its relevant environment, with which function and which qualification?
• Which tasks, goals and decision-making competences does the team have?
• How is this team tied into the complete organisation? Where are the interfaces?
• Why should a team development take place at this point in time?
• Whose wish was it to carry out a team development?
• Why with me in particular and how can I be useful?
• What is the goal of the team development? What should be achieved?
• What opportunities for positive change are seen by carrying out a team development, where are the threats of failure?
• What has been done so far? Have there been experiences with team development?
• Should resistance be expected and from what side?
• What is the attitude to and the interaction with criticism in the team?
• What conflicts are there in the team?
• What obstacles are there from outside?
• What is not desired and should, therefore, not happen?