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The psychological guiding process resonance can derail in two ways and therefore become dysfunctional. There can be too much or too little resonance, i.e. a strong reaction to an inner stimulus or an environmental event, or none or too little resonance. There are people who react so strongly to the stimulus of fear that they will do anything to reduce this fear immediately. Equally, there are also people that do not feel fear when they are really in danger and where it would be extremely sensible to do something or to avoid it. There are people that react so strongly to the criticism of people which are important to them that they give up altogether and submit. And there are others who don’t wish to and will not hear criticism, but rather, allow it to bounce off, and they then become unreachable. At this point, too, one can see that psychological competence depends on the free choice of decisions and is not defined by right or wrong. Both, reacting and ignoring, are important. One requires competence for both. Only then a life- functioning connection which fits aspects of the environment and oneself can be created, (“It is fun to climb mountains with other mountaineers”); one can adapt oneself favourably to the unalterable environment (“Oh, I think I will find something new after being fired!”) and one can master appropriately one’s inner world and  aspects of one’s own person, which are not playing a role at the moment, without feeling unhappy (“I will make the time for my sport again at the weekend, and today I will, wholeheartedly, go dancing with my wife!”).

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