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Humane Organisation

The idea that organisations are there for people, or ought to be, is wide-spread. Through organisations, people seek fairness, purpose, esteem, security and much more. For two reasons, we must now ask whether such a purpose is helpful for life in organisations.

Firstly, it must be established whether it is even possible for organisations to serve such human desires. One is inclined to say; only partly! No organisation can be fair for all (that does not even work in families), can dispense universal esteem (otherwise competence differences would be erased), can transform life risks into security (because the organisation, itself, has no security), and create meaning, as this can, in any case, only be produced within the psyche of the employee.

Secondly, the question arises whether people do themselves a favour by seeking the above-mentioned desires through organisations. After all, as it is obvious that such regular needs will be frustrated, it would surely be more effective to seek their fulfilment elsewhere? In any case, if they hope to feel secure and valued in organisations, or if they have an expectation of fairness from them, the probability of making themselves unhappy is high. When it comes to self-esteem and feelings of usefulness, the more independent employees are of organisations in which they work, the easier the work will be.