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Guiding Process Resonance

Resonance is one of the eight guiding processes of psychodynamics. The decision which every individual must make in relationship to his environment, consists of the question: “What do I (don’t I) react to?”

 Every human must select from an infinite abundance of what in himself and in the world he responds to, because one cannot react to everything. This serves to reduce the complexity and the absorption of uncertainty.  Thus one must ignore most things. The associated selection process can, of course, only take place on a selective basis. Therefore, each person develops patterns, habits, as well as effective and cognitive expectations (frames of reference, strategies). They filter that to which they react, what meaning to give to certain events and what one does not even register. These resonance patterns are acquired and so are also changeable. They can certainly become dysfunctional when, for example, certain information is habitually ignored. To consciously recognise one’s own patterns and habits and to reflect upon them, will, therefore, allow significant access to the possibility of change.

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