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Freedom Stress Factors of Leadership

Being able to make plans freely seems to be one of the privileges of leadership. Nevertheless, particularly here, a stress factor is hidden which is not to be underestimated. This is because every leader is bound into a structural and unavoidable conflict of interest: he is the representative of team interests in the organisation and he is the representative of organisational interests in the team.

As teams and organisations have different interests, it becomes difficult regarding the leader’s freedom. It is always threatening to frustrate, either the team or the boss. The team expects as much autonomy as possible regarding organisation of work, external completion and shared responsibility, whereas the organisation must have an interest in higher-ranking goals, networking and defined responsibilities. These stand in opposition to each other and bring every leader into the situation where they must think of what sort of death they wish to die today. This is stressful with regard to uninhibited, free actions and, therefore, it is a sustained difficulty, which leadership roles carry with them.

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