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Force Field Analysis

You can only consciously influence that which you (can) react to, and not that which you ignore. Otherwise it is actually the other way around: That, which one ignores in oneself or the social environment unconsciously grows stronger. Children and employees, who are ignored, sometimes become conspicuous! A technique for looking at this connection in counselling consists of various forms of force field analyses. For this, one systematically screens the environment of the client with the focus on: what, who, when, where and how does something influence the life (or work) of the client? Often, it helps to graphically present it, to systemise it or keep a daily record in writing. This can bring unexpected gaps in the client’s perception of his environment to light, it can make dependencies more obvious which have, so far, been ignored and it can show up influences where, so far none have been seen. The question: “What must I react to, and what can I neglect without being penalised?” is a core question for the survival of every system (“Where could the lion be hiding?”) and, therefore, it is an important counselling focus in the context of ‘resonance’.

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