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First Contact during Team Developments

At first contact it is significant as to which person this takes place with: team leader, HR, team member, boss of the team leader? If it is not the team leader, then the first contact (usually on the telephone or maybe by email) serves substantially to bring about active contact with the team leader (if there is one). His activity at the commencement is indispensable. If the team leader takes up contact, one can carry out important clarifications with him. Nevertheless, one ought to postpone as much as possible, until the contract clarification interview takes place, because, here, a relationship is developed and one can perceive a whole lot more. Nevertheless, the first contact can be evaluated. Here are some questions regarding this:

• How was the conversation started and what did the potential contractor experience in the first moments of communication?
• Which questions were asked of each other and what responses were given by both sides? What is conspicuous about this?
• Which of the two conversation partners spoke the most and who predominantly led the conversation? What message could this carry?
• Which topics were immediately addressed, what was in the foreground on the content level?
• What thoughts does the potential contractor have about this?
• What impulses to act does the potential contractor feel?
• Which dominating emotions does the potential contractor have during the conversation? With which feeling did he end the conversation and how was it afterwards?
• Were there one or more places in the conversation where the potential contractor tripped up? What significance could this have?