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Existential Method

The existential (consultancy) method is based on the assumption that people can only change when they can experience something. The psychologists call this process-related activation. Many people, however, try to solve their problems with thinking and talking. It is possible, though, to talk about fear without activation of those areas of the brain, in which the processing of fear takes place. But what is not neurologically activated cannot change. The synaptic interconnections then remain just as they are. No change can take place without emotions and without physical feelings. Therefore, all procedures in coaching must also be able to be measured to see in which way the person being coached can be brought into experiencing, rather than only remaining in the ‘let’s talk about it’ phase. This requires methods which support a comprehensive, sensorimotor, emotional, cognitive and energetic experiencing of the present moment. We call this existential working. It relates to all psychological guiding processes whose change can only be achieved by supporting present moment experiencing.

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