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Development of Self-Support

“Where is the lack of self-support?” Laura Perls liked to refer to this question as the most important orientation in her work. We would like to emphasise this. No matter what the focus is, the attention of the consultant must always deal with this question too. Whenever a client does not really want to think, really want to feel, really want to show, really want to understand, really doesn’t allow anyone closer, really doesn’t confirm or permit something, then it is important, from a consultant-technical point of view, to clarify how this comes about. What does the client need in order to be able to, to want to and to do so? What internal conditions (=taking influence) must the client, together with the consultant, create, so that he can live (experience) his personal responsibility. Incidentally, this question also protects from the possibility that the consultant, without realising it, over- or underchallenges his client.

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