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Decidable and Transparent Goals

Only this combination enables the team to deal with its own goals, as well as those of the organisation and its members. Things, which are transparent and decidable are discussable, disputable, capable of alternatives, conflict and consensus. This is a precondition for goal setting within the team, which enables working on the goals without distractions.

Often, team members, as well as managers, underestimate how dysfunctional it is, if one does not openly share one’s own concerns in the team. In this case, possible conflicts cannot be processed and begin to smoulder. Therefore, it is critical in every team to develop the competence to address issues of fears, shame or guilt topics as well, so that they can be decided upon. The ability to represent one’s own position, to become visible in this way, and to also cope with defeat, is required by every team member. This competence does not primarily serve the team preservation but, rather, a successful goal setting, in which firm agreements are supported, giving stability in crises.