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Danger Competence in Managers

In dynamic environments, the future will differ from the past. It will surprise and with it, it will deliver danger which must be processed with danger competence in organisations. The key to this is, on the one hand, composure, robustness, flexibility and aggressiveness, on the other, mindfulness about innovations, surprises and the unfamiliar. How can this be encouraged as a manager?

• By being a model for modesty, vulnerability and hurt, because one always knows less, is less able and does less than is required.

• By reduction of anxiety-inducing communications and behaviours, because in this way one can access future-relevant information more quickly (mistakes, weak signals for change in the environment).

• By showing interest and valuing bad news and their messengers, because the employees are motivated enough to feed back the undesired, (about approaching dangers).

• By shaping promotion regulations in such a way that the sincere make a career, and not the obfuscators.

• Welcoming joy and interest in diversity, the unusual, exceptions, counter-arguments, sceptics and outsiders

• By mistrusting good news, because, often, bad news is hidden therein.

• By personal character development, in which, through tolerance of uncomfortable feelings, real composure and calmness competence can form, even in storms.