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Cross-Referencing Within Psychological Counselling Techniques

None of the illustrated techniques make sense in themselves, none of them are effective in themselves. Quite the opposite: If the psychological process consists of constant, simultaneous and parallel-running decisions, it is clear that the limitation to one, two, or three of the guiding processes by the counsellor will give too few stimuli and too many avoidance possibilities to the client. Then it becomes understandable why it is insufficiently effective to pay attention exclusively to understanding, behaviour, feelings, systemic contexts, cognition, procedures focusing on the body, why only one part of the client profits from this, and why it can only help with particular symptomatology.

The permanently interweaving of techniques, the artful change of focus, the usage of synergies in the intervention offerings and the specific coupling to the resources of the client enable metatheoretical counselling to have an integrative procedure, which fits the concerns of the client and not the preferences of the counsellor.

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