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Correct Decisions

You must always bear in mind that seeking the correct solutions means wanting to know the future. This, however, is unknown to us all. The more uncertain the future (because it is different from the past) the more nonsensical it will be to look for the right decisions. Therefore, it seems much more sensible to look for an appropriate decision instead. Appropriate decisions are characterised by the fact that they lead in the desired direction and are considered to be capable of improving the situation. The decision-making logic is, thus, incremental: one decision gives rise to another decision. Instead of making a ‘big and correct’ decision, many small and appropriate decisions are taken. In this way they can be tweaked, improved, adjusted, changed, enhanced and redirected. The need to find a culprit reduces in the case of ‘wrong’ decisions, because the effects are less large and dramatic. Of course, there are situations in which large and radical decision-making requirements arise. You will shortly find more about this under ‘Decisions (transformational)’.

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