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How is connectedness created? All research for this moves in one direction: it emerges from alternating perceptions of self-expression. Even babies in their first days of life mimic the facial expressions of grown-ups in an astonishing way and visibly take pleasure in doing so. The games between grown-ups and children, of imitating and being imitated, of surprising and being surprised, the rise and fall of enthusiasm and laughter, the hide and seek., are endless in their variations. Studies show how important a concise self-expression in the prime caregivers is for the development of relationship security and expression behaviour within babies and infants. Here, too, one can recognise the close connection lines between the guiding processes of self-expression, acceptance, self-perception, comprehension, resonance and consciousness, and thus how important it is that counsellors keep all these psychological processes in mind and know how to use them.

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