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The distinction between concise and diffuse experience is of particular significance, as it maintains a shadowy existence within psychology and counselling. At the same time, however, it has great significance and effectiveness in enabling change during practical work.

Self-perception is concise when the perceived can be differentiated and described with one’s own words (rather than with clichés), when it can be experienced comprehensively, physically, sensitively and emotionally, and when it can be clearly and perceptibly expressed in contact. Often people can speak easily about their fear, but they cannot show it. Or someone shows their sorrow, but as soon as they stand facing someone, their tears disappear. Most people need their counsellor’s intensive support to make their experience come alive – particularly when dealing with repressed or rejected self-representation. On the part of the counsellor much practice and life experience is required, so that they can offer the client support with the necessary clarity and fearlessness, but also sensitivity and acceptance.

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