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Concise Resonance

If resonance is the distinction between reacting and ignoring, then, from a counselling technique viewpoint it is meaningful how both, counsellor and client, react to each other in their relatedness. “Oh well, you may be right, but …” is different to “You are spot on in what you’re saying!”. Technically, in counselling, it is usually a mistake not to examine the exact, concise reaction of a client to an intervention. Then, valuable impulses ‘disappear’ and the client will find it easy to ignore something uncomfortable in himself. If the counsellor then thinks “Oh, that might not have been suitable!” he, on his side, possibly ignores an initially slight reaction in the client and loses a chance. Paying attention to concise resonance is necessary in order to notice whether a moment is relevant or not. Further questioning is essential here: “You say I could be right. With what, exactly, could I be right? You appear a bit hesitant. What are you expressing with your hesitancy? I notice inside that I am feeling very careful towards you. Maybe this is an important moment?”

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