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Body – Soul – The Social

The formative activity of social systems is communication, just as thinking and perception are the sole activities of psychological systems and metabolism is the sole activity of organismic systems.

Just as the psyche cannot have digestion, it cannot communicate. The psyche can process perceptions (=experience and thinking), but no one can think or feel in the body of someone else. People can talk on their own, but for communication to occur requires at least two! This means that communication is a process of a social system and not a psychological phenomenon. The social event, therefore, has its own logic of action and cannot be understood by the adding together and the combining of people and their bodies.

This type of system theory following N. Luhmann permits the conceptualisation of the unity of differences. Thus, one can separate something and, therefore, determine it exactly in its unity. This peculiar sentence is the basis of all thoughts in this portal. Theoretically one must separate and connect body, soul, and the social, so that a basis for the understanding of change processes is given. Only experience can change experience, only communication can change communication and only metabolism can change metabolism. This metatheory is also the attempt to make this principle understandable.

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