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Behavioural Changes

The behaviour of people cannot be separated from their internal attitudes, emotions and thought patterns. Behaviour is never to be seen in isolation, rather, it always expresses internal processes. Coaching, which only orientates itself to behaviour is, therefore, seldom or only superficially successful. Nevertheless, in all consultancy formats, particularly also in coaching, the expectation naturally exists that something changes on the behavioural level of the client. The change of behaviour should happen quickly, and it should also be quickly recognisable from the outside. Coaching assignments, as well as psychotherapies, are like repair requests, similar to the way that malfunctioning machines are repaired. Who is then surprised that there are many tools on the consultancy market which aim to alter behaviour without recourse to the underlying psychodynamics. This is then considered solution-orientated and economically justifiable. In reality though, this behaviour is usually only cosmetic and make-up, which will collapse again during the next stress episode, is non-authentic, is based upon the efforts of the client, is part of a dysfunctional chase for self-improvement and is a striving for external success and the achievement of an ‘Ego-Ideal’. Metatheoretically, behavioural change is a consequence of altered self-perception processes and other possibilities of understanding.

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