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Teams on the Innovation Pole

Teams that shape the preservation patterns in such a way that primarily the innovation concerns (and not the implementation concerns) of the organisation are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

Organised innovation is almost a contradiction in terms. The new is rather like the wind that blows and needs certain conditions in order to form. In addition, the new destroys the old and is, therefore, not highly regarded by the old. For this reason, in (larger) organisations, very special conditions must be created (incubating niches), so that a team can really work on innovation concerns and so that the ideas do not get stifled in PowerPoint meetings.

Teams on the innovation pole take air to breathe. They are robust, i.e. anti-fragile (N. Taleb) regarding disappointments, disbelief and shaking of the head, highly focussed on the idea “It is possible!”, they have an affinity with complexity, are eager to expedite, are community-orientated and enjoy freely sharing ideas with each together.

The challenge for such teams primarily lies in not getting frazzled by limiting, demanding, doubting, feasibility- and results-orientated framework conditions.