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Risky Security

Meta-theoretically what is noticeable when dealing with strategy, risk research, education, psychology, medicine, organisational theory and so on, is how many concepts deal with achieving security (and therefore its value), without occupying themselves, to the same degree, with the risks involved in their security. Vaccinations and preventative screening for problems, loss of capital because of insurance premiums, tunnel vision towards the strategic goal, lack of resilience and robustness through a shortage of challenges, comfort and entitlement mentalities because of exaggerated pampering – there are many examples.

The opinion that it is risk free to strive for security or live normally without threat, is a dangerous, wealth-dependent, notional construct. As we no longer face the daily threat of a tiger, who might eat us during a hunt, no disease threatens and lightening cannot so easily destroy all the crop, we must ensure that we remain conscious of the fact that an approach, which focuses solely on future security, is dangerous. With people, as well as organisations, it consumes many resources, slows you down, cultivates fears, reduces self-confidence and induces mistrust.