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I practice personal responsibility in the form of being affected, when it is clear to me that statements about the world, i.e. about the circumstances, other people or the company, are my statements about the world. Perceptions are not perceptions about the world, but attributions. Therefore, if I experience someone as intrusive, then it is my responsibility that I describe the behaviour as such (maybe the other experiences himself as interesting), that I give this behaviour my meaning (“He wants to pull the wool over my eyes!”) and I evaluate it (“I think that is outrageous!”). Every one of these aspects informs me not only about other things but also always about myself.

Every person is responsible for the way he feels about that which he experiences. How you feel about that which you have experienced, is a decision. Other people cannot cause your feelings! You always decide yourself (usually unconsciously) how you make yourself feel the way you feel. Therefore, in coaching situations, it is always possible to work on the affectedness of the client and in doing so, help him to achieve a change in personal responsibility about his (unconscious) motives in seeing the world the way he experiences it.

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