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Instability of Groups and Teams

Groups are constantly working out whether they are changing or remaining as they are. This process is unavoidable (like breathing). It is the main reason for the instability of most groups and for the effort which is often required for the stabilisation of group members. When a group becomes a team (see <a href=””>hier</a>), at least the content level stabilises, because a (large) part of the goal setting is taken over by the organisation’s environment (“You will do marketing in Southern Hesse!”).

However, on the social level, this means that the influence of the team members regarding goal setting reduces and therefore the instability tends to increase. A team (unlike a group), cannot rely on the voluntary motivation of group members. Therefore, one encourages the motivation by remuneration and career chances. As one knows, though, this does not prevent the team members from finding the goal wrong and reacting with internal resignation, bad moods or poor working results.