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Guiding Process Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the eight guiding processes of psychodynamics.  The significant distinction consists of the question: “What do I know (not know) about myself”

Consciousness is defined as the process which regulates self-direction in a person (i.e. not his digestion). It can operate in two ways, consciously or unconsciously. This is completely functional, as otherwise one would be totally overloaded. Consciousness can know about itself (“this is what is going on inside me”) or it can be oblivious of itself.

When one does not know what one thinks, feels, wants, expresses, accepts, or if one does not know with what to resonate, to identify oneself with or how one understands, then one cannot consciously direct oneself. One can only influence that which one knows. This is why not knowing is dysfunctional, when you act, think and feel unconsciously, and it thus damages yourself or others; if, for example, you do not do what is good for you or what is required in the job. On the other hand, knowing becomes dysfunctional when it leads to pondering, paralysis, permanent doubts or pedantry, and the release into unconscious competence is avoided.

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