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Guiding Process Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the eight guiding processes of psychodynamics. Every person must find an answer to the question: “In which way do I evaluate?”.

No matter what you experience, internally or externally, you must decide whether you affirm these experiences, or negate them. You can accept or reject the experience, welcome or ignore it. Some people habitually reject certain, uncomfortable aspects of their experiences.  They can value or devalue others, they can accept their experiences or deny them. However, this impairs inner processes such as self-perception, consciousness and the handling of needs. Therefore, it is important in many areas to develop an attitude of ‘what is, is permitted’. This enables change – because what is permitted to be, begins to change. At the same time, everyone must be able to deny and put a brake on impulses which are not appropriate to the situation. This can be completely functional in certain situations.

In a social context, affirmation and denial play a central role during the creation, maintenance and processing of conflicts. Another important function of this guiding process in relating to one’s environment is the reduction of complexity: those who already know in principle what they find good or bad don’t need to reflect upon everything anew, rather, they are immediately able to act (‘I will simply ……!’)