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From the viewpoint of change theory, feelings are in many ways particularly important.

1. Feelings are, as a part of self-perception, an indispensable basis for human orientation. What one would like, what feels good, when the right time is, when it is enough, all this one cannot answer appropriately without comprehensive access to one’s world of feelings. Feelings, therefore, are a necessary aspect of change-effective insight.

2. Feelings, like thoughts, can be clouded, exaggerated, faked, multi-layered or they can disappear. Therefore, the processing of one’s own world of feelings is indispensable if one wishes to utilise the orientation value of emotions.

3. Feelings have a central function with regard to memory. Certain memories only become accessible when they are initially experienced as feelings (not the other way around!). So, first experience the fear and then the knowledge arises about where it comes from. To put it another way, you must ask the fear what it has experienced, instead of thinking about where the fear might come from.

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