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Describing the Experiencing

If one has no word for certain forms of one’s own experiencing, then self-perception cannot become concise. “Somehow, I feel bad!”, “How exactly does ‘bad’ feel?”, “Well, I cannot explain it exactly, just bad!”. This apparently fictitious dialogue is experienced very often. Clients frequently need support to avoid evaluating their experiencing superficially (bad!), but instead to describe it accurately and with their own words. Sometimes this initially revolves around qualities: “Does it feel light or dark, warm or cold, pointed or blunt, hard or soft, narrow or wide, etc.? In their self-perception, clients must also be able to describe forms of feeling such as secure, isolated, lost, orphaned, tender, careful, smart, bright, cold, envious, greedy, boisterous, bold, dejected, impotent, in need of comfort, excited, embittered, submissive, misunderstood, abused, ashamed, torn, curious, angry, suspicious, affectionate, shy, rebellious or confused. For training purposes, we have a list of almost 800 such words. The German vocabulary yields this.

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