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Contact and Self-Perception

One feature of a concise experiencing is always that it can take place in contact. Contact is awareness, synchronised to one another. In contact with other people, we learn what is worth doing and what is dangerous to reveal of ourselves and with this, to approach others. Therefore, self-direction is always the result of the early relationship experiences, even if one is not necessarily conscious of this causality. Should the psyche now activate a need, which has so far been excluded from self-perception, or maybe a certain self-expression, then it is frequently the case that this works well, as long as the client does this of his own volition, i.e. without conscious eye contact or address. Only when in direct, conscious relationship with the counsellor, are the associated fears activated and able to be processed. To provoke new experience without direct contact is, therefore, only half the battle and can potentially even be harmful, because, should there be unfavourable reactions in the environment, the new approach can collapse in daily life (“I thought that would happen!”). Counselling forms, that believe they can get by without real contact between the client and the counsellor/coach/therapist etc., are, from the viewpoint of this metatheory, incomplete and therefore not very change-effective.

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