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Andre Kieserling

Andre Kieserling, from a system-theoretical viewpoint, has occupied himself with the communication among attendees, and has written a book with the same title (Kommunikation unter Anwesenden).

Through his reflection on the concept of perception and the linking of processes of perception with the concept of double contingency, he arrives at system-theoretical insights which come quite close to the psychological findings about resonance phenomena. We find the term ‘reflective perception’, which he coined, extremely helpful.

That people in immediate proximity ‘swing’ with each other on a non-cognitive level and that one can notice that this happens, without even ‘thinking about it’, gives groups an independent social pattern, which is identified under the label Group Dynamics. The pre-verbal and verbal resonance and reaction patterns of a group can and must, therefore, be theoretically and practically analysed and conceptualised separately, and researched in terms of intervention techniques.