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Top Teams

‘Top Team’ is a description of a team, which stands at the top of the hierarchy or an organisation or is a large and highly autonomous sub unit. Such teams have relevant peculiarities with regard to all guiding processes. To clarify this: the ‘goal setting’ is more demanding and more stress-laden, the ‘interaction patterns’ are usually more taboo and therefore more implicit, the ‘team preservation’ can be very much dictated by self-interests, the ‘goal setting’ must operate mainly on the interest pole and must only comprise of technical questions in special cases, for members the ‘team boundary’ is distinguished by a high possibility of taking a fall and is, therefore, especially meaningful and ‘team reflection’ is marked by a great potential to upset someone and thus, must be handled with considerable care.

The recognition of the peculiarities of such teams is especially important, particularly for consultants that work with such teams.