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Top Teams and Goal Processing

Top teams work chiefly on interests and hardly on problem positions, even when this is found difficult. One can observe repeatedly that executives, to a certain extent, exercise micro-management and, for example, still occupy themselves with variants of shop floor management in production. The perception of their own competence often rests on the experience of knowing answers to technical questions.

From a metatheory viewpoint, the top management is, at least in classical organisations, the place in which the structural conflicts of interest of the organisational areas are processed. Top teams are the platform for essential conflicts. Therefore, top teams require nothing so much as the ability to maintain relationships in the team through conflict communications.

Interestingly, it is exactly this, which top managers do not find so easy. In many management teams, conflicts are either avoided or are too rapidly or harshly dealt with, so that loser dynamics are created. Such avoidance strategies greatly weaken a top team and prevent it from accomplishing the performance for the organisation, which is in accordance with the role.

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