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Techniques for Self-Perception

Instructions and questions such as “Feel your way there!”, “Allow yourself to breathe!”, “Where in your body can you feel this particularly well?”, “What changes in your experience when you tell me about this?”, “What happens inside you when you follow the movement in which you have just lifted yourself up a little?”, are as simple as they are effective, if they are spoken at the right time and about an appropriate focus. The art of doing this is exclusively dependent upon the strength of self-perception and accuracy in the counsellor. Any hint of self-interruption by the client is, for example, a possible intervention focus. The ways and means of intervention are, to a high degree, dependent upon the context. This looks different in a self-discovery course than in a business coaching process. The principle, however, is always the same: the client must be supported systematically about the directing of mindfulness, subtlety in experiencing and accuracy in the description of inner processes in counselling sessions, because the shaping of self-perception contributes significantly to how a client creates and maintains his problem.

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