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Teams on the Speed Pole

Teams that shape their preservation pattern in such a way that primarily the speed concerns (and not the thoroughness concerns) of an organisation are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

The organisation’s demands for speed mould the teams in their preservation activities particularly strongly, because the speed usually encompasses all areas: product development, employee fluctuations, flow of data, multi projects, environmental dynamics, moving targets, too short a time frame, the half-life of ‘loss of competence’ and much more besides. Teams, stuck in such organisational working environments, are like a permanent computer game: one chases the other, one never knows if one will manage, whether one will acquire the new abilities in time and open up resources and which slights and energy losses one must accept. To put it simply: one needs to like this and to be able to do it.

Therefore, such teams must pay particular attention to the selection of their members. Speed, like thoroughness, is a pattern dictated by personality. Those, who are not psychologically quick, will always be stressed in agile environments. In addition, in such contexts, new types of working forms are needed (Agile Project Management, Scrum etc.), which often have to be developed by them. All this also needs different forms of management, which operate with autonomy, freedom, virtuality and other similar styles of mindfulness, civility and relatedness.

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