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The distinction pole ‘suitable’, which is used in the guiding process personnel, means that the organisations always observe the relationship between ‘position’ and ‘person’. They can do no more than decide whether there is suitability (or not). The word ‘suitable’ is therefore no description for the person (in the sense of suitability)! Instead it is a statement that the organisation would like to use a certain person for the decision-making processes which are connected with a particular position. The reasons which lead to such an assessment can vary infinitely: expertise or incompetence, (maybe so as not to question the superior), temperament, communication behaviour, education, social background, trust from or loyalty to the powerful, acceptance in the environment and many more. Usually there are official and unofficial factors.

Whatever the reasons, a decision for placing a person into a position is an important process. This has an effect on all other guiding processes. It has enormous influence on the decision-making patterns of the organisation, no matter how risk bearing or -averse, how rule- or control orientated, how customer- or cost focused, how autocratically or democratically someone decides, how conservative or progressive, complexity- or direction loving someone is. Therefore, this is also checked more or less explicitly and included in the calculations. In doing so, no one can know how a particular person will behave in a particular position (see Gorbachev!). During the meeting of both there is always an unpredictable remainder.