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The conditions, by which a process is observable, we call structure. Structure is not pre-existent nor is it fixed as such (as often thought). Structure is created and maintained, otherwise it fades away or falls apart. Structures organise expectations, i.e. they form the conditions for surprises. From the fact that one is surprised one notices that one had an expectation which has not been fulfilled. This applies to psychological structures as well as to organisational, conflict-related or group structures. A structure has changed when an occurring event no longer surprises, which, before, would have irritated.

“I never noticed that I contradicted the boss without being afraid!”. “In our team we discuss the distribution of work. We never did that with our previous boss!”. “In the meantime, it is self-understood that customers are involved in product development.” Good consultancy work can be recognised by the fact that sometimes the client hardly becomes aware of what has changed, but occasionally it is noticed in his environment!

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