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Every person can decide what he uses his power for: he can utilise it for himself and be strengthened, or he can turn it against himself and be weakened. In the case that someone is weakened, it is important to find out during the consultancy exactly how this happens. Self-disempowerment can be practiced in several ways. The first, most important, is that you do not identify with your own power (aggression), i.e. you do not absorb it in the internal process of “saying I”. Through this you then see yourself as weak and the world or other people as hostile or threatening, thus you project. The other possibility is that you direct the strength against yourself and shape your life with narrow norms and rules, self-accusation, self-reproach, self-dissatisfaction, and self-criticism. You satisfy your own demands and ideals. From a technical consultancy point of view, giving advice on how to develop the responsibility for this dysfunctional use of your own power within yourself is indispensable. Without power every other change impulse is weak and has a low success rate.