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Selection Compulsion

The psychological system continuously chooses one side of the respective psychological guiding processes and, thus, it ensures its continuance. Without decisions there can be no continuance. As people, we stand under the compulsion to select, which enables our freedom and makes personal responsibility necessary. This has the consequence, that the ‘continued existence’ is not a matter of course, but that one must constantly work for it. Therefore, uncertainty is the normal state of thinking and insecurity the normal state of feeling. “Will I find an answer tomorrow to the questions of the day?”, “Will I be able to feel the way I wish to tomorrow?”. If the situation becomes precarious, if subjectively there is a loss of control or a personal danger, then fear can emerge from insecurity and worry. For this reason, the confident handling of fear has great importance for every human. At the same time, therefore, it also becomes clear why ‘anxiety disorders’ take up such a lot of space in psychology, and why they play such a considerable role in every counselling process.

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