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Security Incompetence and Leadership

Of all the incompetences, the one which is particularly problematical in the leadership role is when managers cannot favourably address the security need of the employees or they cannot address it at all. This occurs in two variations: either the leader is emotionally unstable and unpredictable, easily goes into emotional crises and has rapidly changing moods. This has the consequence that, on the one hand, employees become anxious and the working conditions chaotic and on the other hand, the team attempts to protect the boss from overload. This comes at the cost of achieving tasks. The other variation consists of the manager taking on the role exclusively because he wishes to ‘progress’. Thus, he misuses the team for his own progression and demands everything which serves his purpose: scheming, lies, unfairness etc. This robs the team of all security and has maximally destructive effects on motivation as well as the preservation of the team. Mistrust and coalitions proliferate, easily creating enemy camps. Both variations rest upon the rather fundamental impairment of the needs regulation in the leader. Despite the described effects, people with such inner worlds quite often come into leadership positions. Employees are advised to exercise caution here. The leader himself, who lives in these patterns, usually will not emerge from his schemata without counselling.

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