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Resonance (in System-Theory)

Resonance is a key concept in system theory (which is a firm reference point for meta-theoretical deliberations about change). It encompasses the considerations about how systems make themselves sensitive or insensitive to the environmental stimuli through their inner processes. How a system allows itself to be irritated, i.e. responds with resonance, is hugely variable: psychological systems react to perception and communication, social systems to specific communication offers. The economic system is sensitive to payment transactions, but not to illnesses. The health system responds to illnesses, whereas science has a requirement to establish the truth. With regard to change, therefore, one of the most important analysis necessities is considering the resonance readiness of the system, which you wish to influence. This is because the lower the resonance ability, the less flexible the system is and the less responsiveness it has to the environment. Everyone can resonate, i.e. people, teams, organisations and functions.

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