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Resonance and Avoidance

Everybody creates that which he fears. Maybe this bundle of avoidance strategies can best be described in this short way. Psychological terms, such as repetition compulsions, script, incomplete shaping, self-created realities, systemic stability roughly mean exactly this phenomenon. Through our own perception we filter out exactly that which conforms to our (unconscious) expectations, and through body language, actions and speech we stimulate exactly those reactions in others that we don’t want. People seek the familiar and attempt to build the new into the old. This is why few things are as helpful as one’s own experiences: “I am quite certain – this is dangerous and leads to nothing. I have already experienced this so many times!”. One’s own input into these experiences is not considered in such sentences. One believes oneself! Therefore, one believes one’s own perception filters and resonance patterns. To interrupt these avoidance strategies is a task in every change process.

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