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There is not ‘a’ correct comprehension. Comprehending means giving sense to something, making it plausible or leaving it rest in the abundance of the implausible – who can read hieroglyphics? Reframing describes a counselling technique which offers the client a different way of comprehending. One also uses the guiding process ‘Comprehension’. The client can choose, if he remains with the previous or the new plausibility. “That’s right – up until now I thought that my migraine only bothered me. But it does, in fact, also help me to find a place of withdrawal, so that I don’t get lost only in duties.” However, such reframing is not about blindly giving the event any old new meaning (“It ought to be good for something!”), but rather, one which gives the client an indication of the lost need. In the example above, it gives a place of withdrawal (=need for distance). In this way, as a rule, different self-acceptance and self-perceptions are created, and the client becomes conscious of something, though the external situation remains the same. “Now it becomes clear to me that I was never allowed to be by myself. And yet there is something very nice in that. I am someone who gets the best ideas in that way.

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