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Reflection on Team Preservation

To ensure team preservation, it must, and let this be emphasised once more, motivate two opposing worlds in such a way that they are ‘satisfied’ with the team: the team members and the organisation! If one wishes to reflect upon the patterns of this guiding distinction, from the viewpoint of the team, one can begin formulating the following questions:

• Are we so satisfied with the climate in the team and the way of collaboration, that everyone enjoys giving their contribution and enjoys going to work? if not, why is this?
• Is one of the six basic needs so chronically excluded that it is dysfunctional? If yes, how is this shown?
• Are we so focused upon one of the six basic needs that it prevents us from living other needs in the team? If so, what is expressed by this?
• Do we give individual people too much or too little influence to introduce their interests?
• Do we pay appropriate attention to giving the performance the organisation expects from us?
• Do we ensure that the concerns of the organisation are received in such a way that friendly interaction, flexibility, understanding and critical questioning, scrutiny and own interest representation occur in a suitable mix?
• Do we represent our interests in such a way that we keep an overview of the big picture or are we in danger of optimising particular interests to the detriment of other teams in the organisation? If so, what are the relevant examples?
• Do we unnecessarily annoy others in the organisation and in such a way that we are spoken about negatively or unfavourably? If so, does this serve the health of the organisation?
• Is the mix between following our team interests and the organisational interests correct? Would we also view it like this if we were not members of this team?

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