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Reflection on Team Parameters

A reflection on team parameters can take place on the content and the processual level.

On a content level, this is always one of the most difficult, because, here, the question about a change in the composition of the team is being raised. Not least for this reason, teams as well as organisations tend to delegate the reflection upon these questions to the team leader. He/she should decide whether someone must go or who will join. This relieves the team from demanding group-dynamic situations, with the consequence that a hierarchy becomes necessary in the team. Teams, which do not have these, such as management teams, shareholder groups, family advisory councils, also some executive boards, cooperatives, collectives of organised teams, elected committees etc. cannot avoid processing such topics. Here it is almost always recommended that such dialogue is moderated. Otherwise it will be avoided or is in danger of escalation.

The team parameters, on the processual level, are usually reflected upon when dissatisfaction with the entry and exit of a member into and from the team occurs. Often, and frequently underestimated, this comes about because the processes are exclusively directed by the team leader and the reasons remain opaque.

Less dramatic, but no less important, are the reflections regarding admission, induction and integration on the one hand, and departure, dismissal and loss on the other.

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