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Reflection on Goal Processing

To reflect upon the goal processing patterns, one can use questions from this small selection:
• In which regular activities is it expressed that we have problem positions as well as interest positions in view?
• Which pole do we tend towards in the event of conflict? Would we prefer to lose the participants or do we choose unfavourable actions?
• In which process steps of the metatheory of change task processing cycle (recognising, understanding, deciding, implementing, completing) do we have weaknesses/strengths <a href=””>Aufgabenbearbeitung</a>?
• In which area are we competent or incompetent in the presentation and representation of our positions?
• Where and with whom do we – in the team and in the organisation – get into unfruitful and dysfunctional conflicts? What do we, ourselves, contribute to this?
• Where can we utilise the different opinions on practical issues and where do these inhibit us?
• Where in the organisation are we regarded as stubborn and powerful, where as soft and weak?
• With which participants in the organisation does too little or unfavourable communication take place?
• Which poor compromises have we lately permitted?
• Where have we unnecessarily or unfavourably caused loser dynamics?
• Who has accumulated grievances against us in which situations, and might wish to take revenge?
• Where is trust lacking, internally and externally (in respect to whatever)?

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