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Projective Techniques

A more specific form of playfully revealing oneself is the work with projective techniques. The client does not express himself with verbal messages and information, but with ‘materials’ such as: drawing, re-enacting social or inner contexts with the aid of figures, choosing dolly identification figures, toy animals, symbolic figures or photos etc. All this provides possibilities for the client to show more about what he (unconsciously) knows. By such means, in counselling techniques, one reduces the control possibilities of the client and in this way ‘avoids’ the sometimes-concealing decision-making premises in his psychodynamics. “I had no idea that such a vulnerable-appearing bunny rabbit is in me. But this explains much about my fears in many situations! I have never wanted to engage with this side of myself. No wonder that it always pops up when I least need it.” “That’s right. What would you think about trying to find out what this bunny rabbit needs from you and what would do him good?”

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