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Present Future

Hardly any modality of time in the real world occupies people, teams and organisations as much as the present future: included in this are goals, plans, visions, strategies, progress and many others besides. The present imagination about an (attractive) future is part of every present. Similar as with the present past, that which seems attractive, is very changeable. Apart from that it is particularly dependent upon what future one can imagine and envisage. Here, too, there is no right and wrong: It is possible to fail with “Think Big” just as easily as with “Small is Beautiful!”.

Therefore, every system, be it person, team or organisation, distinguishes itself by the fact that it has its very individual method for dealing with the desired or rejected, the hoped for or feared, the envisaged or avoided, the fixed or diffuse future. How these futures are created is also highly significant: through prolonging of the past, through projection of fears or expectations of improvement, through perception of early or weak signals, through extrapolation, through rational planning, through daydreams or diffuse hopes, through avoidance of the undesired or wanting to achieve the desired, through envy and jealousy, through imitation of the successful, through role models and acceptance of guidelines – the possibilities are almost endless. Particularly because there are so many choices, much scope for achieving change and possibilities for counselling exist.