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Those who play, lose themselves in it. This is exactly the reason why snapshots of playing children are so often full of expressiveness: in such moments they very clearly reveal a certain aspect of their personality (e.g. particularly attentive, happy, wild, ambitious, joyful, uninhibited, shy or curious). This can be utilised in counselling techniques by creating situations which must be playfully mastered. One can also apply this in individual counselling with the help of experiments, in team development with the help of group challenges or outdoor events, in the organisational context with large group formats such as Open Space and many more. The integrating principle is that one creates conditions under which the system can playfully express itself, which allow facets to be revealed which have, up until this point, been concealed or inhibited. You can then further process that which is there, i.e. through this something has already changed. Taking joy from playing helps.

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