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Perception of Needs

To follow up on a need, I must first be able to perceive it. If someone says that he does not recognise the desire to be close to other people, he does not need to regulate it either. If something does not exist, all other questions are superfluous. That people deny the existence of certain desires happens more often than one might wish to believe. When this is the case, then the forms of the growing unhappiness arising from this are rather symptomatic (addiction, somatization, burn-out, greed, envy) and it leads to pseudo-authentic persuasiveness. “Sentimentality? That is not something for me! Anyone that knows me, understands that!” And, yes, one believes such people, when they tell you it is not for them. But the need is there, it is comatose and hidden, but there. Thus, the ability to perceive a desire in oneself clearly and unambiguously is part of regulation competence!

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