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Past Present

Every current present builds upon the past, once present: nothing starts with zero. Every person, every team and every organisation is limited by its history. Studies, or a marriage, can no-more be erased, than the competences or the social climate of a team can be swopped from one day to another, or the existing organisation can ignore that it has already been noticed on the market in a specific way.

To prevent unrealistic new beginnings, all systems must, therefore, take into account their current history when they make their decisions. Thus, an aspect of time is described, which defines and limits the present-day possibilities about factuality and documents. In many organisations dealing with this field of time matrix is called ‘reality check’. Therefore, in decision-making processes, the clarification and pooling of the framework conditions have great significance. Classical management training takes this very seriously.

As a result, successful managers and businesses are usually good at examining and clarifying the questions surrounding the past present carefully