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Oscillation Processes in Teams

Every guiding process is a paradox unfolding in time. This abstract sentence is an everyday lived experience for all that work in teams. One somewhat limping example for this would be breathing. Breathing must be understood as a unity, therefore one has only one ‘word’ for it. But, in fact, one can only breathe by ‘either’ inhaling ‘or’ exhaling. You cannot do both at the same time!

Therefore, oscillating processes in teams are the rule. There is nothing wrong with this, they are simply one expression of how paradoxes can unfold (fixating on only one side of the distinction would be another possibility (factual solutions). With social solutions, some in the team use one distinction, the others in the team use the other. And with the temporal solution, first the one and then the other.)

If one knows, according to which inner logic the oscillating processes unfold, it helps very much in reflecting whether the ways and means in which the respective guiding process unfolds is functional or not.