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Organisational Dynamics

Organisational dynamics means the organising process where a social system exceeds group size. An organisation is not a thing, nothing tangible, but rather a process which consists of communication (not of business premises or people). This initially strange and challenging concept regarding organisations, however, is decidedly effective for consultants and management. It enables an understanding about how organisations shape and maintain communication and which recognisable patterns they develop. With regard to change, this results in the possibility of analysing, when such communication patterns are functional and when they become dysfunctional, how they gain in stability and what stimuli makes them change.

Decisions are the focus of organisational communications. Therefore, organisational consultancy works with an organisation’s decision-making patterns. Here we have meta-theoretically distilled guiding processes from a multitude of approaches. This clarifies how communication within an organisation is structured and gives effective change interventions their theoretical foundation.

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